Director of Training Activities: apply now

15 February 2018

If you hold a PhD in an appropriate discipline and want to make a different in preparing a new generation of graduate students in addressing challenges in sustainable marine resources, please considering applying for the position of Director of Training Activities for the Sustainable Oceans NRT.

We’re looking for someone with Ph.D. degree in Ecology, Resource Economics, Marine Science/Policy, or a related field, and prior experience in planning and conducting research in coastal and ocean science and/or science education. Ideal candidates also should have professional experience or knowledge of the science-policy interface, willingness to understand the latest concepts and techniques in ecosystem-based fisheries management, a working knowledge of experimental design, statistical analysis, data management, and decision-making under uncertainty, and experience in publishing original research in coastal and ocean science and/or related fields, and in preparing grant proposals.

To find out more about the position and to apply, please go to

For full consideration, please apply by 12 March 2018.

Marissa Baskett honored

25 January 2018

Sustainable Oceans trainer Marissa Baskett has been named a UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow — awarded annually to a handful of faculty — in recognition of her work in fisheries management and outreach to fisheries advisory groups. Congratulations!

Fall 2017 CAES Outlook

29 October 2017

The current issue of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences magazine, Outlook. focuses on marine resources and sustainability. You can read articles on Bodega Marine Lab, BML research on white abalone restoration, marine resources, and more in the online edition.


A new generation of marine scientists

Jul 27, 2017 Kat Kerlin