The annual basecamp will focus on a marine resource management issue with decision-makers, including colleagues from private-sector interests, non-governmental organizations, and governmental agencies, and community-leaders. Each basecamp will bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to discuss the trade-offs involved with a management goal.

Basecamps provide an immersive forum for trainees to network with professionals in marine resource management and provide the background and focus for the causal chain course during the subsequent academic year. That is, the basecamps, held a week before the fall quarter begins, will be used to develop the policy topic for the casual chain course that will follow the basecamps in the first quarter of their second year.

For CMSI/COAST Scholars, basecamps will occur very early in the 2nd year of a two-year master’s program. Thus, basecamps will help CMSI/COAST scholars develop use-inspired research projects and broaden their network with ocean and coastal policy leaders that could help improve the broader impact of their research.