bodega Marine Lab

Field trips

A week-long field trip will introduce trainees and Sustainable Oceans Scholars to the technical, cultural, biological, economic, and institutional forces woven into the fabric of resource-dependent communities in California and beyond. Sustainable Oceans faculty will arrange meetings with a wide spectrum of marine resource stakeholders, such as

  • fishers and fish processors
  • oyster farmers
  • recreational fishing interests
  • federal, state, and local government field officers and scientists
  • non-governmental organizations
  • tribal governments

Exposure to the diverse interests of these stakeholders will provide trainees with invaluable immersion in the broader context that connects individual research to the policy process. We also will use these opportunities to foster the relationships that can springboard internships for our trainees. In addition, the field trip will expose trainees to career pathways in government agencies and the private sector and enable them to make connections with key staff from potential employers. The field trip will occur in June between the first and second years of training, minimizing the impacts on coursework and overlap with graduate group programming. Last but not least, in addition to intellectual benefits, the field trip will help build community within the cohort of trainees and faculty mentors, and introduce CMSI/COAST scholars to potential doctoral advisors.

Field trip venues

June 2019: California's north coast, including the Klamath, Noyo Center, Redwood National Park, and Bodega Marine Lab, with trainers Jim Sanchirico and Nann Fangue. June 2020: Due to COVID-19 a virtual field trip was held September 22nd-24th 2020 led by trainer Marissa Baskett and Gwen Arnold. September 2021: California's north coast; from Crescent City to Fort Bragg, led by trainers Matt Reimer and Ted Grosholz. June 2022: California southern coast; from San Diego to Santa Barbara, led by trainers Matt Reimer, Fernanda Valdovinos, and Mike Springborn.