A summer internship between trainees' first and second years in doctoral study will bridge university training with the needs of Sustainable Oceans partners by providing trainees with first-hand experience in addressing real-world problems. Non-academic organizations benefit because internships provide ongoing access to the best available science and a pool of experienced, well-trained future employees and colleagues. Potential internships might consist of covering scientific components of policymaking in marine science or incorporating science into policy decisions at our partners such as...

  • California Ocean Protection Council
  • NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  • UC Center Sacramento
  • UC Center in Washington, DC
  • Resources for the Future in Washington, DC
  • Yurok Tribe

or at a place that best fits your needs. Our first cohort had internships with Yurok Tribe, COMPASS, Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), and Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Funded trainees will receive stipends during the internship and all trainees will receive relocation costs, if needed.