The Sustainable Oceans NRT is led by resource economist James Sanchirico, with assistance from other Sustainable Oceans faculty who represent the disciplinary breadth of the program, an external advisory committee, and nonacademic partners. You can contact us via Academic Coordinator, Pernille Sporon Bøving

Management Team

  • James N. Sanchirico, PI
  • Marissa L. Baskett, Co-PI
  • Louis Botsford, Co-PI
  • Alan Hastings, Co-PI
  • Nann E. Fangue, Co-PI
  • Pernille Sporon Bøving, Academic Coordinator
  • Cheryl Schwab, Assessor

Internal committees

  • Executive Committee: Jim, Nann, Marissa, Alan, Brian, and Pernille
  • Recruiting, Mentoring, and Retention Committee: Marissa, Tyler, Tessa, and Pernille
  • Admissions Committee: Jim, Alan, Anne, Ted, Rachael, and Pernille
  • Visiting Scientist/Scholar: TBD

UC Davis faculty interested in serving on a Sustainable Oceans administrative committee, please contact PI Jim Sanchirico.

Advisory Committee

  • Lorenzo Ciannelli (Professor, Oregon State, PI of NRT): experience with running a successful NRT program in marine science; general program implementation
  • Chris Dewees (Professor Emeritus, UC Davis): fisheries policy; field trips and basecamps
  • Carole Hom (Academic Coordinator, UC Davis): expertise with running training grants and recruiting students; general program implementation
  • Krista Kamer (Director of CSU COAST): cultivates marine science programs for the California State University system; partner for the CMSI-COAST Scholars program
  • Jim McQuillen (Director of the Department of Education, Yurok Tribe): runs extensive education program for the Yurok Tribe; planning and implementing internships, field trip, basecamp, facilitating cross educational programs for their students and ours
  • Maria Rea (Assistant Regional Administrator of NOAA California Central Valley Office): fisheries policy; field trips, internships, basecamps
  • Jim Wilen (Professor Emeritus, UC Davis): fisheries economics and policy; graduate training and mentoring, curriculum development and mentoring