The Sustainable Oceans NRT is led by resource economist James Sanchirico, with assistance from other Sustainable Oceans faculty who represent the disciplinary breadth of the program, an external advisory committee, and nonacademic partners. You can contact us via coordinator Maya deVries.

Management Team

  • James N. Sanchirico, PI
  • Marissa L. Baskett, Co-PI
  • Louis Botsford, Co-PI
  • Alan Hastings, Co-PI
  • Nann E. Fangue, Co-PI
  • Maya deVries, Academic Administrator
  • Shauna Oh, Executive Director of CMSI
  • Cheryl Schwab, Assessor

Internal committees

  • Executive Committee: Jim Sanchirico, Cindy Passmore, two additional faculty, and a graduate student
  • Recruiting, Mentoring, and Retention Committee: Marissa Baskett, two additional faculty
  • Admissions Committee: Alan Hastings, two faculty, one trainee
  • Curriculum and Symposium Committee: Loo Botsford, two faculty, two trainees.
  • Internship, Visiting Scientist, and Fieldtrip Committee: Nann Fangue, Shauna Oh, two faculty, two trainees

UC Davis faculty interested in serving on a Sustainable Oceans administrative committee, please contact PI Jim Sanchirico.

Advisory Committee

We anticipate naming an external advisory committee very soon. Please check back with us later!


This is coming soon too.